Destination Wedding Photography FAQs

Welcome! My name is Brett and I am a destination wedding photographer based out of Oahu Hawaii but available for destinations throughout the United States and beyond. I am an avid traveler, with a strong appreciation for nature, adventure and beautiful places. I love to shoot weddings in everything from Southern mansions to tropical luxury resorts to rustic barns in the mountains of New Mexico. Adventurous and unconventional heart-centered couples combined with unique venues/locations really get me excited! 

Here are some basic FAQs for all my wedding photography services, no matter where they are:

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All Packages:

All Wedding Quotes Include:

> Hours of Coverage - as agreed.
> Image editing (color, clarity, exposure and composition)
> All digital files*
> A personalized online gallery where you can view, share, print and download your images.

*ALL digital image files are included, sized for excellent quality prints up to 5x7. All the images are edited for color, clarity, tone, exposure and composition. At our discretion, we do not include duplicate, out of focus, test shots, or other images we deem unacceptable.

Print enlargements larger than 8x10, along with other products such as collages, albums and more, are available for purchase right from your online photo gallery. Print credits that were included in your package are not refundable if unused.

You will receive a Print Release so you can print any and all digital images you receive (up to 5x7) anywhere you want, without restriction.

There are no watermarks on digital images, nor any restrictions on their use as long as it's only for personal usage and non-commercial (not sold for profit). I do ask that if you post any images online, or in any form of media, you indicate authorship and whenever possible, a link to this website or my Facebook page or Instagram account.

There are no hidden fees. There are no other charges or fees over the rate you are quoted unless you specifically request a change for additional hours not covered by the original quote (however, if I'm on location far from home, I often spend time before and after a wedding getting location images to complement your session...these images are included and are not an extra charge)

Coverage: All mainland wedding packages include at least eight (8) hours of coverage. 

Day After Sessions: Since I will already be on location for your wedding, I am thrilled to offer Day After Sessions or even Family/Couples Sessions for your or your family & friends at significantly reduced rates.

I love adventure! And I'm a guy who thrives on variety. I'm happy to travel to shoot your wedding because I absolutely LOVE to shoot weddings in different places (plus this Island gets really small after a while and a change of view is a relief!) The more unique the venue or different the wedding location the better I like it, even if they are a bit remote.

For all destination weddings, whenever air travel is required I arrive at the destination area one or sometimes two days before the actual wedding day (to avoid potential airline delays, scout the wedding location and take local images)

What I Do: While photographing a wedding I always focus on documenting the authentic candid moments of the ceremony and reception but I also make sure to get all the traditional, posed family and wedding party photos as well - plus anything you specifically request or we have time for. I am skilled at lightly directing the normal posed portraits, as well as less traditional portraits that are more like a mixture of the artistic with fun, dynamic and candid images. I am highly flexible, super easy going, and always open to your suggestions as well. In fact, I love when couples are willing to play with me, as collaborations always create better images!

Albums are available for an additional price and are not included unless specified in the quote. Album design and shipping is always included in a quote price. You will have a change to preview the album layout and approve it or make changes before it goes to printing.

Gear: I shoot exclusively with high end Canon professional DSLRs and L-series lenses. I always have two cameras and multiples lenses with me, in the rare (but not unknown) case of camera failure. I also have multiple flashes, batteries, light stands, all set up for travel.

Insurance: I have professional business insurance, and can provide certificates of coverage for venues.

Booking & Deposit: To book my services and reserve your wedding date I require both a signed contract and 50% deposit. The deposit is refundable until 90 days before the wedding, minus any prepaid travel expenses such as plane tickets, hotels, etc, which are purchased immediately after you book with me. The balance due on your quote must be paid a week before the wedding date. 

Show me the money: Sometimes I get multiple inquiries for the same date from different couples, but since I never know for sure who will book and who will not, the couple that pays their deposit first gets the date, regardless of who first contacted me. Please note that I can only shoot a limited number of weddings each year.

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Questions? I am always available to answer any and all questions or concerns, by email (I try to respond ASAP unless I am shooting or traveling), text, phone, Skype, or in person if possible. See the contact page for my contact info or use the quick form below.

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