The Power of The Silhouette

Turn Off The Flash For More Compelling Photos

The purpose of photography is to tell a story, preferably by conveying an emotion, an idea or a compelling drama. A powerful image tells a story that resonates with the viewer. The silhouette removes all the distractions of smiles, colors and details, leaving only two dimensional profiles that, oddly enough, make a for a stronger story.

Recently I was scrolling thru my endless engagement & wedding photography galleries when I noticed my eye constantly stopped on the silhouettes. They seem like such simple, photos partly because they are so easy to take, that I've never quite taken them seriously. I'm always so focused on getting the right camera settings and flash exposure correct, watching for smiles, open eyes, and a hundred other little details. A silhouette, by comparison, requires only that I expose for the sky and adjust body parts. It was only when I recently noticed that many of my favorite images are silhouettes that I came to see the power in the simplicity of the humble silhouette.