Josie & Rick's Sweet Kauai Elopement

Kauai Destination Wedding

Josie & Rick chose Lydgate Beach Park on Kauai's east shore for their beach wedding elopement ceremony location. However, when I arrived there with my assistant, Grace, we discovered a massive storm six weeks earlier that had dumped 50 inches of rain in 24 hrs had also left the beach covered in logs and storm debris! So instead of the usual wedding ceremony on the beach, we realized we had to find a good alternative spot. Twenty minutes of exploring and we found a perfect little spot tucked in the trees just above the beach.

Rick arrived at the Lydgate Beach parking lot first and received his maile lei from Todd, the wedding officiant. Todd then took Rick to our selected spot, where he stood staring patiently out to sea as he waited for his bride. Josie soon arrived and was escorted by her daughter. 


As a wedding photographer, I've seen planned First Looks that were nowhere close to as sweet as the obvious connection and emotion I watched between Josie & Rick! I loved how their family and friends waited silently and gave them several minutes to just look at each other and let the emotions flow. Wow...


Josie & Rick kept their ceremony short and sweet, first exchanging Hawaiian leis before saying their vows.

The solemnity of the ring exchange was broken with laughter when Josie tried to slide Rick's wedding band on his finger...only to find it wouldn't quite fit!

Once Rick got his ring on, the wedding officiant, Todd, proudly announced the newlyweds to all their gathered friends and family and invited Josie & Rick to seal the deal with a wedding kiss. Which, of course, they happily proceed to do!

After receiving hugs and well wishes from their gathered friends and family, Josie & Rick offered Hawaiian love leis to each guest and friend individually.

It's always obvious when people have a close connection because even when they aren't focused on something or someone else, they tend to gravitate towards and always be aware of each other. Almost like they circle a shared point.


With the ceremony over, it was time for portrait photos with friends and family who had made the long trek to Kauai with Josie & Rick.


With sunset fast approaching, I took Josie & Rick off alone for some lovely portraits of the two Kauai newlyweds. Usually, trying to get the new husband to snuggle romantically with his wife can be a bit of a challenge as, face it, we guys aren't normally that comfortable being so demonstrative in public, let alone with a camera pointed at us! But Rick was clearly the opposite, so obviously happy to be married! What a delight it was to be their wedding photographer!

It's always so delightful as a wedding photographer to get couples who are perfectly willing to tromp thru woods, navigate log jumbles and dance in the ocean waves, getting all wet and sandy just so we can get gorgeous shots like these!

Congratulations to Josie & Rick on your sweet and lovely Kauai elopement! It was a pleasure to be your Hawaii wedding photographer and to meet you and your crazy fun friends. Much love from Hawaii.